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How To Suck a Cock

Ms Ivy's Cocksucking Tutorial

Some would think that to suck a cock its as simple as sticking it in your mouth and pulling it back out. Look, there is an art to sucking cock. You want to be the best, you want those horny boys to line up around the corner just to get their cock sucked by you. So how do you do it?

Practice makes perfect ,so grab your favorite dildo (or if you have a cock handy ;) ) and let’s do this

Deep Throating

Have you ever gotten into a chugging contest, regardless of what the drink was? If not try it. Take your favorite and drink it as fast as you can, and notice what is happening to your throat. You drop your jaw and your throat opens nice and wide. That is what you want when you are deep throating. Concentrate on breathing out of your nose to counter the gag effect some of you may have from having a huge throbbing cock enter your throat. And opening your throat wider allows you to get it all the way in…balls deep will make you a cock sucking champ! ;) If you don’t have a cock or dildo to practice on, you can always you a firm peeled banana. LOL remember, no biting…nibbling might be ok, if he’s into it.

Tongue work

You gotta learn how to work that tongue. Anyone can stick a cock in their mouth and pull it back out again. But if you want to be the best cock sucking slut out there, you need to know the power your tongue has over that cock and how to use it.

Your tongue is the most powerful muscle in your body…fucking use it on his! Run your tongue up and down the shaft. Slide it right under the head where that little crease is. Outline his cock with your tongue. Spend time on the ultrasensitive peephole, using your tongue to flick it and stick your tongue right in it. You’ll feel his body shiver with delight. Don’t forget to show his balls some action to. He will love if your working your hand on his cock will sucking and licking his balls. Practice tracing his name or naughty words with your tongue on a dildo, or work a lollipop and lick it clean.

How to Give a Hand Job

Don’t think that your mouth is the only thing working on his hard cock. You should have your hand in on the action as well. As your working your tongue and bobbing your head up and down on that cock your hand should follow. If not, use your hands to massage and caress his balls while you suck his cock clean.

*Remember: *a couple of other things to keep in mind…when you are deep throating and sucking and licking…lock your eyes on his. If precum starts oozing out, smoosh it on your lips, give him a smile and lick it off. Moaning while you’re sucking cock also gives his cock a nice little vibration. And don’t forget to swallow and savor every last drop of his cum. Suck every last bit of it out.

Do this, and you will have him cuming again and again. (and coming back for more ;))

Ms Ivy

Cocksucking: By Ms Hunter

Here are some simple techniques for first time cock sluts. It's only natural to be nervous the first time you suck cock, but after all, you've had your cock sucked for years so that qualifies you as an expert cocksucker, right? Wrong!

Giving Good Head

The number one rule to giving good head is to look up into his eyes while sucking his cock. If it is still soft when you take it out of his pants, start licking up and down the shaft. As it starts getting a little harder, take the whole penis in your mouth, twirling your tongue up and down the shaft until it becomes hard.

Next, wrap your fist around the base of the shaft and start stroking up and down, while lightly massaging the balls with your other hand, before licking them and taking each into your mouth to to suck gently.

How to Deep Throat

The biggest issue to deep throating cock is overcoming the gag reflex. This is almost entirely a mental issue. Once you convince yourself that it can be done, the major part of the battle is over. After overcoming the mental obstacle, the next step is to take as much in your mouth as you can and gradually increase it little by little, inch by inch.

To do this, slightly tilt your head back and extend the tip of your tongue just past your bottom lip. Flatten the back of your tongue as if a doctor were looking in your throat with a tongue depressor. Extending your tongue helps flatten the back of your tongue and it even helps to say "ahhh". coerce your throat open as you would if you were yawning- contrary to popular belief, you don't 'relax' your throat muscles to deep throat.

Now, take a deep breath and slowly slide the length of the penis into your mouth and along your tongue. When you feel the urge to gag, pause and hold the penis there as long as possible, then withdraw it. Repeat this process as many times as you can. Eventually you'll be able to take the penis in deeper and deeper until you can take the entire length of it over your tongue and down your throat.

Sucking Cock isn't *really* sucking

While the penis is in your throat, do not suck. Keep your mouth slightly open and rotate your head side to side and in circles, while making the "ahhh" sound. Do this for several minutes, before sliding your mouth back up to just below the head and use your tongue or your upper lip to tap the ridge on the underside of the penis.

Applying a firm pressure with a tapping motion to this sensitive spot will bring him to the edge in no time at all. You will be able to tell he's getting close by his body language. His breathing will become rapid and more shallow, he may be tensing his muscles, and more than likely he will be moaning and squirming or thrusting his hips. When he gets to this point, take your mouth off his penis. How to keep him on the edge

Once you've taken your mouth off his penis, rake your nails lightly over his balls and then up the shaft to the tip and back down to the balls. Do this a few times before starting back at the beginning again. Go through this process as many times as possible until he can stand it no longer.

To swallow or not to swallow

In addition to the signs mentioned above, when he gets close to ejaculating, his penis will get even harder and you may even feel it throbbing in your mouth. Immediately before ejaculation, you will feel the head start to swell in your mouth. Once you feel this telltale sign, it is too late to decide whether you want to swallow.

If you are going to swallow, keep the head of the penis toward the back of the throat, almost as if you are deep throating. As you feel the ejaculate spew, pull your tongue back into your mouth, close your lips and make a swallowing motion.

There you have it cock sucker wannabees.... how to give a perfect blow job complete with deep throat. Now, get out there and go DO IT!

By Ms Hunter - 800-730-9402

Mistress Delia's Tips on How to Suck a Cock

Sucking a cock is something that turns me on so much because I get to do it on my terms and use a lot of teasing and edging to make the orgasm so much more intense! I have always gotten compliments on how well I suck cock, and that is likely due to how very much I love doing it! I have explained to women and men alike how to suck a cock. Whether you are male or female, cocksucker or sissy, if you are ready to learn how to give the best blowjob of his life, read on for my tips and tricks!

The first step to sucking a cock is having an actual chat. In just a few quick minutes, I can find out what a guy really likes. I find if I ask a man "How do you like your cock sucked?" that he is more than willing, often tripping over his words to tell me everything he needs, loves, likes, and can't stand. A man, even a quiet man, who thinks you may suck his always horny cock will suddenly become a wealth of information of intensity, what spots are best to lick, teeth or no teeth, play with his balls or not, deep throating, swallowing, giving a comblow (Handjob along with the mouth). Oh yes, he will open up!

So now that you know what he likes should you start sucking? No way! Tease the man! Kiss him. Let your tongue tickly his neck. Suck his earlobes, nipples, and fingers. Make him hot. Make him wait. During this time, make sure you make eye contact, talk about how much you want to suck his cock, and make that purry low growl that lets him know how into this you are. You can do this for as long as you want, but I generally do it until I can see a nice thick, hard bulge in his pants, straining against the material along with a small, spreading wet dot from precum! That's when I slowly unzip his pants with my teeth, gently pull off his boxer briefs, and watch his manhood pulse, throb and stand at attention.

Now that I have his attention, I can begin to suck his cock. Now, if I were to just put my mouth on his cock and bob my head back and forth, even I would get bored, so I suggest using techniques. Now these are good for sissies or anyone who loves a cock. I love a good technique that lets me manipulate his cock, play with his balls, and stimulate other parts, maybe his ass or nipples as I like.

I start out with the man standing against a wall, because he will need support, or on his back in bed. I start off by kissing the cock and teasing the head with a series of short sexy licks. Then the fun begins. I love suction play, so I add just a bit of suction to create that wonderful feeling of thickness. I work the head for many minutes. I flick behind it ever so gently on that sweet spot behind the head. I make slow, long circles dragging my wet tongue all around the head, all while keeping up that little bit of suction. Mmmm. It makes me wet just thinking about that part!

Next I go deep, and get my head in on the action. Still keeping that suction steady, I slowly work my mouth, relaxing my throat, until I have the full length of it in my mouth. Then, I have more fun. I start out by moving my head in a circle so my tongue remains stationary, and travels around the full length of a cock in a circular fashion. I alternate this with a figure eight done the same way, keeping my head still. To do this you can pretend to draw an 8 with your nose. Move your head, keeping your tongue stationary, and you will know you have it just right when the moans intensify! After I get him used to these two techniques, I start them over, but this time I begin slowly moving my head back and forth up his shaft. Imagine doing either the circle or the figure eight while moving your head ever so teasingly back and forth. It will have him crazy, and this is why I suggested a wall or the bed!

About this time, he begins begging, seriously begging for more. Even if all he does is moan and mumble incoherently, I know what he wants! He wants to cum, but I generally start even more teasing by taking a nice break to cup, tickle and lick his balls. I use long, slow wet licks. I would say this is the equivalent of slowly savoring a swirled tall ice cream cone. Long, slow, wet licks are delicious! And much like holding a cone, I introduce my hand and begin gently pulsing and ever so slightly twisting it, much like a washing machine would oscillate. When I am done licking his balls, I go in for the big finish!

This is where I begin the comblow. His cock is sensitive, throbbing, and oozing precum. I go back to the beginning and start with just a little suction. This time, though I concentrate on the head plus a few inches, leaving room for my hand to do some work. I suck, lick, flick, circle, figure eight, and coordinate this with the oscillating and pulsing of my hand. Likely any man will want to cum in under a minute. Now, adoring tease and denial, I often stop here and watch his cock throb and drip. Then I start again with the suction, pulsing, and twisting. After starting and stopping a few times, I have him begging to cum. So, I get ready for the grand finale.

I slowly continue the comblow. I gradually increase speed and intensity. I wait for the tell tale signs of an approaching orgasm: the shaking legs, the moans and groans, and the tightening of his balls. I keep going sucking just a bit harder, and going faster now. He is ready. I intensify everything, suction, licking, oscilation, pulsing, and bring him to a thundering orgasm.

So should the cum be swallowed. Hell yes! Savor every drop! And here is an important tip. Once he cums DO NOT take your mouth away! Keep it there and savor every twitch, every throb, every shudder of his body. There will be plenty. A good rule of thumb is to keep your warm mouth there until he begins to soften up just a bit. Then you know he is not ultra sensitive. Slowly pull your head away from the cock, and kiss the head. You both will have enjoyed yourselves immensely if you follow these tips. The best news is you need to practice often to get the circles down correctly, so you will be sucking a lot of cock!

Coerced Bi to Please: In this Femdom Mistress' opinion, sucking cock doesn't make you gay - it makes you obedient!